Remembering the past memories brings smile on one’s face. As the memories will revitalize you from inside. If you are also one of the person who wants the past time back as well as want to recall your happy moments of your past then we have some good solution for it. iMemories is the wonderful place that digitize any format of movies, videos, and photos.

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Digitize all your back memories from Baby Shower to Wedding Bells

Digitize every format from Tapes, Negatives, Films, Photos, and Slides

Affordable and Adaptable

What is iMemories?

iMemories is a service that transfer your photos, videos, and home movies into DVD by using an advanced restoration technology. The user can restore all his or her past memories into original quality. The best part of the picture is to capture your best memories in a reel that is impossible to bring back.

Reason behind getting the iMemories service

Ample space: With iMemories, you will get ample cloud space for storage. There is no limits for uploads and downloads. You can share memories from one device to other at one place and at an affordable price.

Sharing: The user will get many options for sharing videos, movies, and photos with their relatives, friends, and family members to keep connected with everyone. The iMemories will keep your photos private.

All at one place: The app can upload all your family photos and videos available on different devices at your personal account. Now you do not need to remember which gadget and device has that funny and sorrow video that you want. With iMemories, the user can easily organize all your family photos and videos.

Get back your family photos in full resolution: With iMemories, the user can rest at one place and get back all your family photos and images in full resolution. The user does not have to worry about losing their photograph or phone damage as the images and videos are safely stored in iMemories.

Digitization: The user can transfer his back memories, old movie films, video recordings, pictures, and slides in digital format. With iMemories, the user can see and share the pictures easily.

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iMemories: Features

iMemories Reviews

    • Add Memories: The user can add all his or her family videos and photos at your iMemories account at single place. All your family memories are scattered at different devices and sites. But with iMemories, the user can provide all the things easily at one place on your account.
    • Incredible Viewing: The apps are designed in such a way that the user can view photos and videos clearly. Few thumbnail images comes with larger size that makes your memories easier to find out. Photos that comes with full screen looks really amazing and beautiful. Apart from this, the videos look very sharp and full of colors.
    • Labelled and organized: The user can easily sort and label all their videos and photos albums according to date, event, and person. The user can easily label and organize all his or her collection of family memories easily. The user can drag, drop, click and type on photos as well.
    • Easy to search and navigate: The user can easily find whatever he or she is looking for. With iMemories the user can easily and instantaneously access his or her videos and pictures at anytime and anywhere. The user can easily scroll all its past memories and photos using finger.
    • Share photos privately: The user can share videos and pictures privately either by email, texting videos, and photographs. The user can select and share photographs and videos on Facebook, Twitter, and other sites.
    • Editing tools: In iMemories, you will get various photo editing tools that let you create wonderful photos. Using its effects, filters, high-quality stickers, and other tools, the user can make the photographs beautiful within seconds.
    • Edit Videos: The user can easily edit videos if the user knows how to drag and drop. The user can trim videos by removing footage or the user can partition the long video into two short videos.

Functions to be performed by iMemories

  • View: The user can view his or her back memories on every device including DVD, Blue-ray, tablet, and more.
  • Download: The user can easily download photos and videos to access them easily and for safekeeping.
  • Organize: With iMemories, the user can label, sort, and find his or her memories with ease.
  • Share: The user can share movies, pictures via any social media including email, text, WhatsApp, and facebook.
  • Edit: Using its simple drag and drop feature, the user can edit videos and pictures easily.


Customer Reviews

The company has conducted a survey in United States. As per the survey, they found that the customers who are using this kind of services are really happy with the iMemories.

Track Record: iMemories has incredible track record where they have digitized nearly 6.5 million memories

SafeShip Kit: The user will get SafeShip kit to protect memories where the user will get waterproof bag and shock-resistant foam along with crushproof box that keep photos and videos safe and secure.

Renowned Partners: Their partners offers the most trusted delivery service where they keep track on every package at every step. They have partnership with UPS which is the most trustworthy delivery service provider.

Wonderful Tracking: Each and every memory of iMemories is barcoded and tracked individually.

Trust: Large retailers of this field trust only on iMemories.

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iMemories: Pricing and Plans

Here we are providing you the general price and plan. To get the exact information, visit its official website and get details from its official webpage.

If you are opting for iMemories Cloud, then you will get all the features at one place along with unlimited storage. Apart from this, the user will get 30 days free trial for iMemories Cloud for all the users who had purchased its analog to digital service

  • Price per month: $5.99
  • Price per year: $49.99

If you are opting for Analog to Digital conversion service, then DVD and Blu-rays are sold separately. In this service, the photos and videos are available only for viewing, downloading, and sharing.

For Home Movies to Digital:

  • Videotapes: $12.99 per tape
  • Movie Films: $12.99 per 50 ft.

For Photos to Digital:

  • Photos: $0.49 per photo
  • Negatives: $0.49 per image
  • Slides: $0.49 per slides

If you are opting for DVDs and Blu-rays service, then

  • Price per DVD: $9.99
  • Price per Blu-rays: $14.99

Along with this, the user can also purchase:

  • SafeShip Kit: Medium-$14.99 and Large-$39.99
  • Portable Hard Drive Transport: $99.99 (500GB) and $149.99 (1TB)
  • Flash Drive Transport: $19.99 (8GB), $29.99 (16GB), and $39.99 (32GB)
  • Repairs: $24.99 per tape

Final Verdict

The iMemories is the easiest way to manage as well as digitize your old photographs, videos, and movies. If you are looking for a device to scan photos and to convert videos then iMemories is the best thing you can get. The user will get many options for storing the photos and videos but the only drawback of iMemories is that it does not provide features for sliding and negative scanning. With iMemories, you will get digital backup that you can access from anywhere using internet. Now the user can turn home movies and pictures in a digital form so that the user can enjoy watching movies, share videos on its modish device.